My Ununique Story

This is my true story, told the best way I know how.

I'm a single mother to a wonderful little boy from Baltimore, MD. Looking at my blog you can see that I'm more of a re-blogger than a blogger but I'm trying to get there. Mostly my personal thoughts expressed on this blog will contain things that make me laugh, stories about my life as a single mom, and my natural hair adventures.

Currently I'm on a weight loss journey that I'm trying to achieve through Weight Watchers. Eventually I'll get the courage to post my stats and pictures, until then I will continue to post things that I think are motivating, beautiful, and funny.

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Weight loss update…

I’m too excited to say that I have on pants that are fitting me looser than when I first brought them.  I’m facing a little challenge right now because my area experienced some killer storms that knocked out the power to my gym, which is where I prefer to exercise.  Luckily, with the help of Albfit and Hangtightwmarc, I have a ton of great exercises that I can do at home.  I will not let this get me off track, I’ve come to far!  Here’s to making this week count come join me!

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